Monthly Archives: January 2012


Motivating People

Motivating People by Harvey Tillis. A commuter studies on Chicago’s Blue Line subway.

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Job Applicants

Job Applicants by Harvey Tillis. Dozens of applicants filled out forms and took tests at a recent job fair.

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Last Minute Details

Last Minute Details by Harvey Tillis. Four members of the planning committee quickly review final plans before start of a VIP reception.

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Evening Rush Hour Begins

Evening Rush Hour Begins by Harvey Tillis. View of evening rush hour in Chicago from a tall building.

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Universal Wireless

Universal Wireless by Harvey Tillis. A neighborhood store for wireless devices.

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Fighting Violence From A Tent On The Roof

Tent On A Roof by Harvey Tillis. Rev Corey Brooks’ rooftop home for 21 days to protest violence in this abandoned motel and Chicago’s Woodlawn community.

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Staley The Bear Visits RIC

Staley At RIC by Harvey Tillis. Staley, the Chicago Bears mascot, offers a warm hug to one of the children who are patients at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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Bus Stop

Bus Stop by Harvey Tillis. A west side Chicago bus stop.

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Urban Landscape New Year’s Day 2012

Urban Landscape by Harvey Tillis. The lone building on a Chicago city block in the early morning hours of the new year 2012.

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Cold Today. Hot Tomorrow

Watermelon Truck by Harvey Tillis. Snow and ice reported this morning. Many accidents and backups on the expressways. Likely to stay this way for a while, but summer is coming.

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