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Recently Seen: 100% College-Bound

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To Be Seen: Cityscapes Gallery Show by Harvey & Joy Tillis

This Friday – “Cityscapes.” Oil paintings by Dana Toft, photography by Harvey and Joy Tillis. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. Art, music, smiles. Wine, beer, chocolate, cheese, conversation. Tommi Zender provides ambient […]

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Recently Seen: Agreement Signing

Officials signing an agreement making Illinois one of 34 states and U.S. territories providing management of coastal resources for sustainable development and protection of natural resources on more than 95,000 miles of ocean and Great […]

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Recently Seen: Heavy Traffic Flow

To paraphrase the US Postal Service creed, “Neither snow nor rain nor (wind, cold, or) heat nor gloom of night stays…” photography for annual reports. ‘Tis the season.

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