Monthly Archives: December 2012


Echo of Lautrec

Echo of Lautrec by Harvey Tillis. An homage to Lautrec. The stance and lighting remind me of him.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon by Harvey Tillis. Color photograph of an abandoned building in Chicago with the words, "Coming Soon," written around the doorway.

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Honoring The Really Big Game

Honoring the Really Big Game by Harvey Tillis. Governor Pat Quinn presented Loyola University Chicago President, Michael J. Garanzini, with a Proclamation for “Game of Change Day” in Illinois in honor of the historic 1963 basketball game between Loyola University of Chicago and Mississippi State University that broke racial boundaries.

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Angel’s Tire Shop & Grocery

Angel’s Tire Shop And Grocery by Harvey Tillis. A Chicago neighborhood tire repair shop and grocery store.

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Donated Flyer Miles Help Military Families

Donated Flyer Miles Help Military Families by Harvey Tillis. Veteran waits turn to praise Operation Hero Miles which uses donated frequent flyer miles for service members and their families.

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