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Evening Out

Evening Out by Harvey Tillis. I’ve been experimenting with making photos, or parts of photos, look like a painting.

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Taco Shack

Taco Shack by Harvey Tillis. A small taco restaurant on Chicago’s west side.

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Stormy Streets

Stormy Streets by Harvey Tillis. Wet Chicago Streets after a rain storm.

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Rocky’s Tacos

Rocky’s Tacos by Harvey Tillis. Black and white photo of storefronts on a cold city night.

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Fast Refunds

Fast Refunds by Harvey Tillis. Student works part time job during the season posing as the Statue of Liberty for a tax service.

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Roosevelt Staircase

Roosevelt Staircase by Harvey Tillis. A staircase in the famous Auditorium Building designed by Adler and Sullivan in Chicago.

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I Fear No Evil

I Fear No Evil by Harvey Tillis. Met this man at a neighborhood gathering. The tattoo accurately reflects his attitude.

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Railroad Crossing

Railroad Crossing by Harvey Tillis. Trains travel in all directions through this intersection every day.

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Second-hand Store Little Village

Second-hand Store Little Village by Harvey Tillis. A second-hand store in Chicago’s Mexican Little Village neighborhood.

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Pension Reform Update

Pension Reform Update by Harvey Tillis. House Speaker Michael Madigan talks to the press about the looming deadline to reform Illinois unfunded pensions.

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Window Washer

Window Washer by Harvey Tillis. Window washer at work in the atrium of an all glass Chicago office building.

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Mural Man

Mural Man by Harvey Tillis. In Chicago’s tough Austin neighborhood mural artist, Darrell Spicey, draws on a blank brick wall facing an empty lot. The finished work will become his 100 foot long interpretation of a thriving community with colorful buildings and healthy, happy, safe children. He doesn’t sign his work though, fearing that gangs will think it is a gang name or symbol and, therefore, be encouraged to add their names and symbols.

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Waiting To Cross

Waiting To Cross by Harvey Tillis. Photo Illustration of a woman waiting to cross a busy Chicago street.

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Loving Irma

Loving Irma by Harvey Tillis. One of the most enjoyable music evenings of 2012 was experiencing Irma Thomas, the "Soul Queen of New Orleans," on a recent Chicago area gig.

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