Monthly Archives: June 2013


Singing “Homeless”

Singing ‘Homeless’ by Harvey Tillis. Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s Joseph Shabalala sings, “Homeless,” a song he composed with Paul Simon.

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Back In The ‘Hood

Back In The ‘Hood by Harvey Tillis. Massachusetts Gov Deval Patrick, Illinois and local officials pose with neighborhood children near the Chicago home he grew up in. The street was renamed, “Honorary Governor Deval Patrick Avenue.” I was the official photographer, but another shooter stepped in first.

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A Private View

A Private View by Harvey Tillis. The private terrace view from a home on the Chicago River.

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At The Memorial Day Parade

At The Memorial Day Parade by Harvey Tillis. Veteran and his daughter watch a Memorial Day Parade.

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On Ramp

On Ramp by Harvey Tillis. Entrance to expressway at dusk.

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Working Man

Working Man by Harvey Tillis. Man collects shipping pallets from around town, then carts them back to pallet maker for return fee.

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