Monthly Archives: July 2013


Tierney Sutton

Tierney Sutton by Harvey Tillis. Tierney Sutton Performs at SPACE in Evanston, IL.

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Car Lot Near A Highway At Dusk

Car Lot Near A Highway At Dusk by Harvey Tillis. Seen during a brief stop off the highway in the Midwestern US.

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Almost Built

Almost Built by Harvey Tillis. Saw this rental building pop up in what seemed to be overnight. Hadn’t seen it before, now it was almost finished. Such is life in the city.

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Dragon Boat Racers

Dragon Boat Racers by Harvey Tillis. The next teams move into position during this Dragon Boat Race for Literacy at Ping Tom Park in Chicago.

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Pershing Western Viaduct

Pershing Western Viaduct by Harvey Tillis.

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Luella by Harvey Tillis. Singer, Luella, of Luella and the Sun.

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At Mill Park

At Mill Park by Harvey Tillis. At Millennium Park, Chicago.

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