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Needing Some Help From My Friends

I entered a competition, The Fifth Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award, and I’m asking you to vote for me AND…AND,¬†briefly comment at the link below, just below the “Click to Vote” button, where it says, “Add […]

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Bridge Over The Fried Shrimp Shack

This skyway winds through and above a sprawling industrial Chicago landscape. Shipping waterways and last century factories offer so many exciting photo vantage points for me. I especially love this bridge at the highest point […]

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West Side Braids

I drove past this busy place on a chilly, wet Saturday afternoon. Wasn’t sure what the person outside was doing. Turns out he or she was checking their smartphone. This image is straight with just […]

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Industry Integrating With Nature

I’m not sure what this structure is or what it does/did. All I knew was that I loved the juxtaposition of it’s rusting colors with the surroundings. The grooved, lined pavement adds as much for me as the […]

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Oldest Known Cave Painting Of A Sax Player

We do the best we can under the circumstances. I mean, when I shoot in a dimly lit music club and the shutter speed is so slow that everything gets blurred you just have to […]

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Evening Rain At The Loft

It was late afternoon on a day that started warm and sunny. Now soft Spring rain was falling, gentle enough to keep the windows open so we could hear it and feel the cool breeze it […]

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The tracks in this rail maintenance yard are usually bustling with a dozen commuter trains and all the people who clean and service them. It was unique to see it this still early one weekend morning. So much heavy equipment […]

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