Monthly Archives: August 2015


Lily Pads Along The Mississippi River

Lily Pads Along The Mississippi by Harvey Tillis. There were lily pads as far as I could see along this stretch of the Mississippi. I wanted to explore presenting them in a different way. Here you go.

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My Mystery Building

My Mystery Building by Harvey Tillis. I cannot say which street this building is on, but do remember that there was no address…

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The Curse Of Photography

The Curse of Photography by Harvey Tillis. I see potential images everywhere – this one as I passed a closed store late one night. Something about the lines and light…

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Small Town Summer

Small Town Summer by Harvey Tillis. I saw this scene on a muggy, hot afternoon while driving through one of the very small towns that dot the banks along the Mississippi River in Illinois. It was totally quiet with no traffic on this Main Street…

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West On Randolph At State

West On Randolph At State Street by Harvey Tillis. In downtown Chicago at the end of a morning rush hour.
I was attracted by the vertical lines and signage. Photoshop helped me bring out some details and contrast, but most of all emphasized the brightness of this scene.

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Rainy Highway

Rainy Highway by Harvey Tillis. My impression of a two lane country road through corn fields on a rainy afternoon.
I’ll take a two lane highway over an interstate anytime. This one cut through a tasseling corn field during a rain storm…

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Beautiful City Light

Beautiful City Light by Harvey Tillis. Some people find beauty in mountain landscapes. Seascapes. Gardens. I love them too. Love this as well. Mood, light and angles.¬†Beautiful city light in the afternoon on one of Chicago’s busy streets.

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