Monthly Archives: January 2016


Doorway 1221

Doorway 1221, Night by Harvey Tillis. The entrance to a building in one of Chicago’s older neighborhoods.

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My Vermeer

My Vermeer by Harvey Tillis. The light on this scene in a coffee shop on a quiet afternoon caught my eye and captured my imagination. More than a little, often subtle, Photoshop work changed the surface, focus and overall lighting in this image.

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Richard Thompson Performs at SPACE

Richard Thompson by Harvey Tillis. Richard Thompson performing at SPACE in Evanston, IL. One of the truly great, enjoyable, straightforward, fantastic guitar-playing, creative musicians working today.

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Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out by Harvey Tillis is a moment in time on any Friday night in the city. I knew when I shot this that I wanted to create a painting-like quality for the image. Make faces just soft enough so they couldn’t quite identify the people. Emphasize the colors and mood of the evening. Provide lots to look at. I like “lots to look at.”

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