Editorial, Documentary, Photojournalism

Harvey creates photo essays and documents healthcare, work in hospitals, convalescent care, rehabilitative medical care, relief efforts, economic development, citizen action, community improvement, food services, food distribution, adult basic education, youth development programs, rehabilitation services for offenders, and crime prevention.

Event Photography

Harvey is available for commerative events, weddings, anniversary dinners, benefits and auctions, celebration dinners, awards ceremonies, dinners and concerts, and festive galas.

Corporate Photography

Harvey creates executive portraits in studio and on location, environmental portraits, and dynamic photo essays and images for annual reports, brochures, news media and the web.

Government Photography

Harvey is contracted by the State of Illinois and has worked for a variety of State agencies including Aging, Central Management Services, Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Council of Developmental Disabilities, Emergency Management, Environmental Protection, Office of the Governor, Healthcare and Family Services, Human Rights Commission, Labor, Lottery, Public Health, Rehabilitation Services, State Police, Toll Highway Authority, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, and the Governor’s Office of Women’s Affairs.