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The Chi-Town Jazz Festival For Hunger Relief

This slideshow documents the 2016 7th Annual Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago. World-class musicians donated their talents, venues donated their space, and volunteers worked together to raise money for charities serving the food […]

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Mr. Puryear’s Sculpture

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Congratulations Theresa

Theresa Mah celebrating the news she had won the Democratic Primary for State Representative for the 2nd District that includes the Pilsen, Chinatown, Bridgeport, McKinley Park, Brighton Park and Back of the Yards Chicago. With […]

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Urban Impressionist Street Photography – Sort of…

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A Wonderfully Talented Artist

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Pretty Close To “As Good As It Gets”

I’m not a fan of the phrase, “As Good As It Gets.” Too overused and just not descriptive enough. Yet, when it comes to remembering how these two jazz greats played a few nights ago […]

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Doorway 1221

Found in the old Pilsen neighborhood, this is the entrance to what is now an apartment building in a funky changing section of Chicago. The lights were coming on as the city changed into night. […]

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My Vermeer

More than a little, often subtle, Photoshop work changed the surface, focus and overall lighting in this image. Shop offers this print in four sizes using archival paper and inks. Please take a look. Art consultant, […]

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Richard Thompson Performs at SPACE

All artwork is available for sale as archival prints at . One of the truly great, enjoyable, straightforward, fantastic guitar-playing, creative musicians working today.

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Girls’ Night Out

Shop offers this print in four sizes using archival paper and inks. Please take a look. Art consultant, designer and gallery inquiries welcome.  SaveSave

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Artist’s Palette

The artist was taking a break when I noticed this random group of objects making for a nice arrangement.

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Late Night Business

…I leaned back from my screen to view how it all looked and instantly realized that I had channeled Edward Hopper’s influence into the image…again.

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Runners Enter Chinatown

Runners in the 2015 Chicago Marathon Enter Chinatown on Wentorth.

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Outside Andy’s

…a cool Friday early Fall night in Chicago. Looking west I saw a riot of colors and motion.

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Richard’s Bar

Richard’s Bar on Grand Avenue near Halsted in Chicago.

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Body Language

Commuters in a Chicago subway car at the end of the day.

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Twilight At Mill Park

A section of the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park in Chicago at one of the last concerts of the 2015 summer season.

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Lily Pads Along The Mississippi River

Shop offers this print in four sizes using archival paper and inks. Please take a look. Art consultant, designer and gallery inquiries welcome. 

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My Mystery Building

I cannot say which street this building is on. I do remember that there was no address on the building and that there was a single heavy chain across the entryway. This is an old […]

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The Curse Of Photography

I see potential images everywhere – this one as I passed a closed store late one night. Something about the lines and light at that exact moment attracted me. This is hardly a beautiful mountain […]

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Small Town Summer

I saw this scene on a muggy, hot afternoon while driving through one of the very small towns that dot the banks along the Mississippi River in Illinois. It was totally quiet with no traffic […]

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West On Randolph At State

I was attracted by the vertical lines and signage. Photoshop helped me bring out some details and contrast, but most of all emphasized the brightness of this scene. Shop offers this print in four sizes […]

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Rainy Highway

I’ll take a two lane highway over an interstate anytime. This one cut through a tasseling corn field during a rain storm. I photographed in color, but the feeling was for toned black and white […]

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Beautiful City Light

Shop offers this print in four sizes using archival paper and inks. Please take a look. Art consultant, designer and gallery inquiries welcome.  SaveSave

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And The Letter Said…

Referring to this image overlooking the Mississippi River, the letter said in part, “It’s been an honor to show your photography as part of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award…Your photography was included in the Architecture […]

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Chicago Board of Trade

As of today, July 6, 2015, almost all open outcry pit trading on Chicago’s commodity futures exchanges will cease. Computers replaced the trading floors. This 300 piece collage was created in 1989 when the scene was […]

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Ready Tables

Early in the evening, before the working crowd arrives for drinks, recapping of the days’ events, and the making of plans for tomorrow, dining tables wait patiently in the warm, friendly supper club. Photoshop levels and […]

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Fisher Building, Chicago

This building, with ornate details and solid footprint, has always been a favorite of mine. I stared at the details over this entrance for a very long time, finally deciding to include a piece of the old elevated […]

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Waiting For The Subway Train

It was a quiet moment in one of Chicago’s long, cavernous downtown subway stations. No sounds except the echoes of a busker somewhere with guitar, softly singing. A tired man sits with eyes closed waiting […]

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Needing Some Help From My Friends

I entered a competition, The Fifth Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award, and I’m asking you to vote for me AND…AND, briefly comment at the link below, just below the “Click to Vote” button, where it says, “Add […]

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Bridge Over The Fried Shrimp Shack

This skyway winds through and above a sprawling industrial Chicago landscape. Shipping waterways and last century factories offer so many exciting photo vantage points for me. I especially love this bridge at the highest point […]

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West Side Braids

I drove past this busy place on a chilly, wet Saturday afternoon. Wasn’t sure what the person outside was doing. Turns out he or she was checking their smartphone. This image is straight with just […]

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Industry Integrating With Nature

I’m not sure what this structure is or what it does/did. All I knew was that I loved the juxtaposition of it’s rusting colors with the surroundings. The grooved, lined pavement adds as much for me as the […]

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Oldest Known Cave Painting Of A Sax Player

We do the best we can under the circumstances. I mean, when I shoot in a dimly lit music club and the shutter speed is so slow that everything gets blurred you just have to […]

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Evening Rain At The Loft

It was late afternoon on a day that started warm and sunny. Now soft Spring rain was falling, gentle enough to keep the windows open so we could hear it and feel the cool breeze it […]

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The tracks in this rail maintenance yard are usually bustling with a dozen commuter trains and all the people who clean and service them. It was unique to see it this still early one weekend morning. So much heavy equipment […]

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jazz at Chicago’s Green Mill

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Broadway Detour

I’ve always been a street shooter. Used to walk long distances down streets in daytimes or at night just looking, watching lines and colors come together, deciding which ones to capture. Years of practice with Photoshop […]

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Xpress Food Mart

The corner grocery and general store in a deserted part of town.

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Bassist With Sax

“Jazz Record Art Collective is a collaboration between Chris Anderson, club manager of the Green Mill Jazz Club, and Joe Lanasa, director of the Fulton Street Collective. The series occurs the third Wednesday of every […]

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Impression of State and Adams

I’ve been a street shooter for years. Love it. I see combinations of lines, curves and colors everywhere. These days I continue to experiment with shifting from the literal nature of straight photography to a […]

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Chi-Town Jazz Festival Highlights

2015 marked the 6th year of the Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago. The four day event took place at major music venues including The Jazz Showcase, Andy’s Jazz Club & Restaurant, Green […]

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Blue Line Subway Stop at Monroe

This is the subway station we waited at for the ride home on a beautiful Saturday afternoon after seeing the A. J. Motley exhibit at the Cultural Center, after having lunch at the Middle Eastern […]

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Jazz Club Bar Scene

There are some wonderful places in the city to hear music. To me, this is the grandaddy of them all, Joe & Wayne Segal’s Jazz Showcase. I know, the Green Mill has been around since […]

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Before The Event Began

As a working photographer I cover many kinds of events. This one was at a research center in Chicago. TV stations were setting up for the press event, researchers, department heads, and PR people were […]

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At The Concert

I looked around as the lights dimmed and saw this scene. Everyone was looking at the stage, but I was looking at the room. Like so many of my photos, I don’t want to identify […]

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Pharaoh At A Fair

This antique photo from a lost archive in the corner of an old library somewhere in the city depicts a forgotten ruler in an ancient land reminding me of the Shelley poem, “OZYMANDIAS,” and the […]

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Arnie’s Liquors

I am fascinated with city street corners. Sometimes I process them into paintings where you only see brush strokes and the effect of Photoshop filters. In this image I wanted to see a straight photo […]

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New Stop Food & Tobacco

Little grocery stores like this one are all over the city. Buy a slushie, a sandwich, basic groceries for cooking, and don’t forget your lottery tickets. I found this one on a rainy, cold day […]

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Buy Sell Trade Fix At The Corner Of Kedzie And Somewhere

This is another example of my fascination with cityscapes and city corners. Here is a brief moment when there was no traffic moving through this usually busy intersection on the west side of Chicago. I […]

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