Jazz Club Bar Scene

Jazz Club Bar Scene

There are some wonderful places in the city to hear music. To me, this is the grandaddy of them all, Joe & Wayne Segal’s Jazz Showcase. I know, the Green Mill has been around since Al Capone days and its owner, Dave Jemilo has made his room one of the hottest spots in town. Yet the Showcase always reminds me of my first time I ever went to a bar to hear jazz. I was not quite 21. Joe Segal hosted a Sunday afternoon session in an old mansion just off Rush Street in a location that today is replaced by a pancake restaurant. It was 2:00 o’clock. I walked in wearing my double breasted plaid Miles Davis suit trying to look as cool and hip as a 20 year old could look, told Joe I wasn’t 21, he said that was OK they’d serve me some milk, and I sat down to listen to a piano trio. When leaving I asked Joe how to know when jazz was good. “Listen kid,” said Joe, “if you like it it’s good. If you don’t it isn’t.” Still works for me today.

I shot this in color, but decided to process it as a toned black and white image, decreasing details in the customers, also adding crosshatching and paint brush effects. Here is a section of this image to show the effects achieved.

Jazz Club Bar Scene - Section showing effects achieved using Photoshop.

Jazz Club Bar Scene – Section showing effects achieved using Photoshop.

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