Alone At Last

Alone At Last by Harvey Tillis

Like an itch that had to be scratched, suddenly I wanted to make a picture. Needed to. Had to. At a formal dinner dance enjoying the evening as a guest, mingling, relaxing with friends. HAD TO MAKE A PICTURE! 

Not just a snap. Make a black and white image. Moody. Graphic.

All I had was my smartphone, but technical limitations be damned. I’d figure out how to make the image look the way I wanted later.

My hunt around the ballroom began, looking, searching, when suddenly I remembered a lesson learned long ago while street shooting.

When you look too hard you miss too much.

Calm came over me and I settled into the scene. That’s when I saw the couple on the balcony, talking with animation and body language that suggested they felt no one could see them.

Processing went from Photoshop to Snapseed to Prisma to Snapseed to Photoshop. Convert from color, eliminated noise, crop for interesting graphics, dodge and burn. 

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