First Street Fair

Season's First Street Fair by Harvey Tillis

From the Fine Art Project – Limited edition of 12 prints. 11 x 15 inch image on 13 x 19 archival paper, archival inks. $150. Use my simple form to purchase this or any prints. Art consultants and galleries welcome. Larger sizes for most images available on request.

These street fairs pop up in different neighborhoods all over the city throughout the summer. Sometimes in a park, often just blocking part of a residential or commercial street. Here is the first one I saw, in a big parking lot next to a high school on the near west side of Chicago. A small roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a few more assorted rides and stands and food. Not too big, not too much. Just enough to be fun. It was a perfectly clear night during Memorial Day weekend. Cool breeze. An otherwise quiet night filled with squeals and laughter from kids in shorts and T-shirts enjoying being out among the lights, rides, and the promise of summer.

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