Where You’r At

"Where You're At" by Harvey Tillis

A Chicago-speak Mantra

I was exploring new bicycle routes to and from the Logan Square Fresh Market one stunningly beautiful perfect Sunday morning. New views, sounds and smells are part of the excitement of living in the city and I love ’em all.

My street took me past a large empty lot. There might have been a factory on it for decades. Perhaps several store fronts with apartments above. Now it was just an empty lot with a mural painted on one of its border walls and graffiti on a gate. The rumbling  “L” slowed down as it approached its next stop.

I circled the lot a few times on my bike just looking. Then I saw the building in the distance.

It was one story and big with an overhead door. More graffiti on the roof above. Thought it might be an artist’s studio or a cooperative of some sort. 

Finally saw the words loudly making the owner’s statement that wrapped around the structure.

“It’s Not Where You’r From It’s Where You’r At.” This phrase sounds like Chicago speak to me. The force of an idea. A mission. An Artist’s Statement. Yah, maybe dat’s it.

The “L” flashed by gleaming in the sun and I got the idea for this photo. Black & white because that’s how I’m thinking right now. A straight photo with just burning and dodging. Catch the light. Document a scene. Done!

This is classic street photography to me. Saw it. Framed it. Shot it.

This image, Where You’r At, is now for sale in my Fine Art Street Photography Gallery – Limited edition of 12 prints. 11 x 15 inch image on 13 x 19 archival paper, archival inks. $150. Use my simple form to purchase this or any prints. Art consultants and galleries welcome. Larger sizes for most images available on request.






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