Ready Tables

Ready Tables by Harvey Tillis. Early in the evening, dining tables wait patiently in the warm, friendly supper club.

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Fisher Building, Chicago

Fisher Building Chicago by Harvey Tillis. Completed in 1896 The Fisher Building was designed by Chicago Architect Daniel Burnham. It was the 2nd tallest building in the city at the time…

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Waiting For The Subway Train

Waiting For The Subway Train by Harvey Tillis. Quiet time in the subway station as a man sits, eyes closed, waiting for the distant rumble of his train…

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Bridge Over The Fried Shrimp Shack

Bridge Over The Fried Shrimp Shack by Harvey Tillis. I love this bridge and the curves that lead to it from either direction. It also reminds me that a favorite old fish smoke house…

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Industry Integrating With Nature

Industry Integrating With Nature by Harvey Tillis. A rusting, industrial structure set in a landscape of baren trees and pavement…

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Parked. by Harvey Tillis. Cleaning equipment parked by railroad tracks on a quiet, sunny morning.

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Aficionados by Harvey Tillis. …When they finished a jam session began at 1. A cordial, varied crowd pulled in by the music and the history of the place. I looked around and decided to photograph the listeners instead of the performers…

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Xpress Food Mart

Xpress Food Mart by Harvey Tillis. …This corner grocery store was the only building at an intersection in a far southside, low income suburb. The other three corners were empty lots. No customer traffic outside. Dark inside, yet open for business.

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Bassist With Sax

Bassist With Sax by Harvey Tillis. …That’s where I was to hear the Tim Fitzgerald Septet pay tribute and perform the music from Wes Montgomery’s appearance in the 1960’s on the BBC-TV show Jazz 625. The band consisted of some of the best jazz musicians around. I captured Christian as he soloed…

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Intersection of State and Adams

Intersection of State and Adams by Harvey Tillis. …These days I continue to experiment with shifting from the literal nature of straight photography to a more impressionistic look…

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Chi-Town Jazz Festival Highlights

2015 marked the 6th year of the Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago. The four day event took place at major music venues including The Jazz Showcase, Andy’s Jazz Club & Restaurant, Green […]

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Blue Line Subway Stop at Monroe

Blue Line Subway Stop at Monroe by Harvey Tillis. …the subway station we waited at for the ride home on a beautiful Saturday afternoon after seeing the A. J. Motley exhibit at the Cultural Center, after having lunch at the Middle Eastern restaurant my wife found in the back of a jewelry store, after meeting Dana at Flax who told us about a wonderful photographer…

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Jazz Club Bar Scene

Jazz Club Bar Scene by Harvey Tillis. …”Listen kid,” said Joe, “if you like it it’s good. If you don’t it isn’t.” Still works for me today….

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Before The Event Began

Before The Event Began by Harvey Tillis. …I was attracted by the light. Didn’t want a straight photo. Didn’t want to be able to identify anyone. Just wanted to present the feel of the time and place…

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At The Concert

At The Concert by Harvey Tillis. …I looked around as the lights dimmed and saw this scene. Everyone was looking at the stage, but I was looking at the room…

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Pharaoh At A Fair

Pharaoh At A Fair by Harvey Tillis. This antique photo from a lost archive in the corner of an old library somewhere in the city depicts a forgotten ruler in an ancient land reminding me of the Shelley poem…

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New Stop Food & Tobacco

New Stop Food & Tobacco by Harvey Tillis. Little grocery stores like this one are all over the city. Buy a slushie, a sandwich, basic groceries for cooking, and don’t forget your lottery tickets. I found this one on a rainy, cold day in January…

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Buy Sell Trade Fix At The Corner Of Kedzie And Somewhere

Buy Sell Trade Fix At The Corner Of Kedzie And Somewhere by Harvey Tillis. This is another example of my fascination with cityscapes and city corners. Here is a brief moment when there was no traffic moving through this usually busy intersection on the west side of Chicago…

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Gail and Dave’s View

Gail And Dave’s View by Harvey Tillis. …We ordered food, relaxed, then caught up on so many events and stories that speed by in busy lives. We also made time to just look out the windows to enjoy their views of the night…

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A Home In The City

A Home In The City by Harvey Tillis.

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Pilsen Pizzeria Milan

Pilsen Pizzeria Milan by Harvey Tillis. We walked up 18th Street on the first warm night of Spring in Chicago. Everyplace looked interesting if not exciting. Even this pizzeria…

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Smoked Fish & Fried Shrimp

Smoked Fish & Fried Shrimp by Harvey Tillis. I’ve been going to this shack for over 60 years…

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A Fleeting Glance From The Middle Of Nowhere

A Fleeting Glance From The Middle Of Nowhere by Harvey Tillis. …This site almost flashed by me. The colors and design caught my eye so I quickly grabbed two shots through the car window…

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Farm By The Road

Farm By The Road by Harvey Tillis. …There was nowhere to stop, but I couldn’t stop myself from reacting, expecting to see and hoping to capture something of the countryside as everything flew by me…

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Welcome Home!

Welcome Home! by Harvey Tillis

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An Important Affair

An Important Affair by Harvey Tillis.

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Grand Opening America

Grand Opening America by Harvey Tillis.

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The Nite Cap

The Nite Cap by Harvey Tillis.

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26th and Western, Chicago

26th and Western, Chicago by Harvey Tillis.

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Alvarez Hardware

Alvarez Hardware by Harvey Tillis.

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This Ride Takes 3 Coupons

This Ride Takes 3 Coupons by Harvey Tillis.

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Best Hot Dog Stand

Best Hot Dog Stand by Harvey Tillis.

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Press Conference

Press Conference by Harvey Tillis

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4 City Views

4 City Views by Harvey Tillis.

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5 Views of Gifford

5 Views of Gifford by Harvey Tillis. Gifford, a small town in Illinois, was hit by a tornado – hard. Now it is on the road to recovery.

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Spirit of 76 in 2014

Spirit of 76 in 2014 by Harvey Tillis. Betsy Ross watches as a colonist checks his smartphone.

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One View Of An Historic Place

One View Of An Historic Place by Harvey Tillis. In need of repair, but still a vibrant house of worship with a dynamic leader.

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A Kid At The Hunger Walk

A kid at the Hunger Walk by Harvey Tillis.

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Strutting Down the Street

Strutting Down The Street by Harvey Tillis. Father and son out for a stroll.

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Clark And Sonny

Clark And Sonny by Harvey Tillis. Clark Sommers, bassist, against a painting of Sonny Rollins by Ben Salus, interpreted as an original photo image.

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Drinks At Katarina’s

Drinks At Katarina’s by Harvey Tillis. A special place for jazz that is no longer with us.

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Home For Lunch

Home For Lunch by Harvey Tillis. Photo made into a painting of a suburban home scene during lunch time.

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Spring Day In Pilsen

Spring Day In Pilsen by Harvey Tillis. Found this home in a colorful Chicago neighborhood on a beautiful day.

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Still Life

Still Life by Harvey Tillis.

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Breakfast At White Palace Grill

Breakfast At White Palace Grill by Harvey Tillis. This legendary place is open 24 hours every day and they are busy every minute of that time.

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City Fog Before Morning

City Fog Before Morning by Harvey Tillis. Just another mood in the city.

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Somebody’s Home

Somebody’s Home by Harvey Tillis. This looked so inviting that I had to photograph it.

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Camouflage For A Spaceship

Camouflage For A Spaceship by Harvey Tillis. My mind wondered at the setting and I thought, “What if…”

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Sunday Night, 11:13 PM

Sunday Night, 11:13PM by Harvey Tillis. The city never sleeps downtown. Even late Sunday night.

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Lifeguard Not On Duty Yet

Lifeguard Not On Duty Yet by Harvey Tillis. On an empty beach one afternoon in winter. The sign said, “Lifeguard Not On Duty.” Adding “Yet” implies hope to me.

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