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West Elevators

West Elevators by Harvey Tillis. Officials and doctors tour new hospital facilities.

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Welder Training School

Welder Training School by Harvey Tillis. The exacting science of welding is taught at pipefitters union training facility.

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St. Paddy’s Parade

St. Paddy’s Parade by Harvey Tillis. A view of Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

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Gown and Gloves

Gown And Gloves by Harvey Tillis. Preparing to enter a hospital patients room.

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Decision Room

Decision Room by Harvey Tillis. Newspaper editorial board members interview a government official.

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Good Music. Great Cause

Good Music. Great Cause by Harvey Tillis. Martyrs’ tonight. Jazz Showcase tomorrow night. Andy’s Thursday. Green Mill Friday, Sheil Saturday, Lily Reid Sunday. Good cause. Great music. Thanks.

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Latin Jazz Great, Poncho Sanchez

Latin Jazz Great, Poncho Sanchez by Harvey Tillis.

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Ready To Roll – Early City Morning

Ready To Roll – Early Morning City by Harvey Tillis. Transports wait to take captains of industry to their first appointments.

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Stairway To Lunch

Stairway To Lunch by Harvey Tillis. I couldn’t resist shooting this place while traveling with the Minister from another country during his stay in the city. He was the featured speaker at a special lunch. Interesting and definitely worth listening to. Thank you Sir, for the opportunity of documenting you for a day – and for introducing me to this magnificent staircase.

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