Monthly Archives: November 2014


Pilsen Pizzeria Milan

Pilsen Pizzeria Milan by Harvey Tillis. We walked up 18th Street on the first warm night of Spring in Chicago. Everyplace looked interesting if not exciting. Even this pizzeria…

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Smoked Fish & Fried Shrimp

Smoked Fish & Fried Shrimp by Harvey Tillis. I’ve been going to this shack for over 60 years…

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A Fleeting Glance From The Middle Of Nowhere

A Fleeting Glance From The Middle Of Nowhere by Harvey Tillis. …This site almost flashed by me. The colors and design caught my eye so I quickly grabbed two shots through the car window…

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Farm By The Road

Farm By The Road by Harvey Tillis. …There was nowhere to stop, but I couldn’t stop myself from reacting, expecting to see and hoping to capture something of the countryside as everything flew by me…

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