Monthly Archives: February 2015


Pharaoh At A Fair

Pharaoh At A Fair by Harvey Tillis. This antique photo from a lost archive in the corner of an old library somewhere in the city depicts a forgotten ruler in an ancient land reminding me of the Shelley poem…

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New Stop Food & Tobacco

New Stop Food & Tobacco by Harvey Tillis. Little grocery stores like this one are all over the city. Buy a slushie, a sandwich, basic groceries for cooking, and don’t forget your lottery tickets. I found this one on a rainy, cold day in January…

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Buy Sell Trade Fix At The Corner Of Kedzie And Somewhere

Buy Sell Trade Fix At The Corner Of Kedzie And Somewhere by Harvey Tillis. This is another example of my fascination with cityscapes and city corners. Here is a brief moment when there was no traffic moving through this usually busy intersection on the west side of Chicago…

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Gail and Dave’s View

Gail And Dave’s View by Harvey Tillis. …We ordered food, relaxed, then¬†caught up on so many events and stories that speed by in busy lives. We also made time to just look out the windows to enjoy their views of the night…

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A Home In The City

A Home In The City by Harvey Tillis.

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