Monthly Archives: March 2015


Blue Line Subway Stop at Monroe

Blue Line Subway Stop at Monroe by Harvey Tillis. …the subway station we waited at for the ride home on a beautiful Saturday afternoon after seeing the A. J. Motley exhibit at the Cultural Center, after having lunch at the Middle Eastern restaurant my wife found in the back of a jewelry store, after meeting Dana at Flax who told us about a wonderful photographer…

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Jazz Club Bar Scene

Jazz Club Bar Scene by Harvey Tillis. …”Listen kid,” said Joe, “if you like it it’s good. If you don’t it isn’t.” Still works for me today….

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Before The Event Began

Before The Event Began by Harvey Tillis. …I was attracted by the light. Didn’t want a straight photo. Didn’t want to be able to identify anyone. Just wanted to present the feel of the time and place…

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At The Concert

At The Concert by Harvey Tillis. …I looked around as the lights dimmed and saw this scene. Everyone was looking at the stage, but I was looking at the room…

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