Missing Mill Park

color photo of Chicago's Millennium Park showing a graphic section of details.

This weekend was gray skies, chilling wind, and endless snow. I was using the time to finalize images for my gallery exhibit next month when I came across this image – and it made me miss everything about the city all over again. The bus rides, traffic, hustling people, architecture, live music, so many different shops and restaurants, and how light plays on surroundings. Millennium Park is one place I often go to for festivals. I can bike there! But not now. Winter isn’t the problem. Yes, there is snow, but that will be gone soon and a little cold weather isn’t really a issue. Its Covid time. Gotta be smart. Gotta play it safe. And just hope that the summer brings a return to seeing and being in the city and that special place for me, Mill Park. This image for sale at harveysphotoart.com .