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Linda’s Flower Shop

And here is my spin on a photo that really looks like a painting of a place I didn’t know existed before, but sure helped me out when I wanted to do something thoughtful and fun for a friend. 

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Paris 1890’s Jazz Club Musicians

Paris 1890’s Jazz Club Musicians by Harvey Tillis. Some say this is a long lost sketch found in the stacks of a Paris library is by a little known artist of the day, Marvin Lowtreck, while he was living in poverty in Paris in the late 1800s… And, the story goes, some other guy copied his style and name and became better known. Well maybe.

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Peaceful Resting Place

Peaceful Resting Place by Harvey Tillis. Time passed. Years passed. Now I visit when I’m in the neighborhood which isn’t often. Lost memories coming back. Good times and bad. It’s still important to me. 

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Lost by Harvey Tillis. This image was inspired while looking through a fashion magazine showing models in random European locations appearing not to be aware of the camera. Creating a sense of story in a single frame. 

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Lunch At The Pick Me Up Cafe

Lunch At The Pick Me Up Cafe…Without Rich by Harvey Tillis. Another salute to Edward Hopper. I must have seen one of his paintings in a book or magazine over the past few days.

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Mr. Broast

Mr. Broast by Harvey Tillis. Mr. Broast serves food late every night. The glow of this fast food shop late at night caught my eye. Glad there was no one parked in front.

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Bike And Bricks

Bike And Bricks by Harvey Tillis. I visualized how this image would look before it was shot. That fast! Saw it and knew it would look like a frame from a comic book panel.

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An Ice Cream Kind Of Night

An Ice Cream Kind Of Night by Harvey Tillis. Stopped at a favorite place during the drive home for one last treat after a perfect July 4th weekend.

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Corner Home Early Evening

Corner Home Early Evening by Harvey Tillis. The architecture, color, and quiet of this place caught my eye and imagination. No traffic, distant sounds, or people. Time to indulge in a feast of details.

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Style In The Rain

Style In The Rain by Harvey Tillis. One of many large used furniture, appliance and electronics stores scattered around the city. Late at night in a rain storm.

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Family Outing

Family Outing by Harvey Tillis. Young couple with baby and dogs out for an early evening walk after work at the start of a weekend. 

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Summer Bean

Summer Bean by Harvey Tillis is a photograph of Cloud Gate, the public sculpture created by Anish Kapoor, known as The Bean, in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

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Tin Ceiling

Tin Ceiling by Harvey Tillis. …The first loft I lived in had a tin ceiling that was endlessly graphic and exciting. This one had a different pattern, but was equally cool…

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The Pavaroti/Hadid/Picasso Guy

Robben Ford by Harvey Tillis. Once in a great while, you hear someone much much better, significantly more masterful, more brilliant than all the other excellent musicians. That’s this guy.

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Pilsen Doorway 1221

Pilsen Doorway 1221 by Harvey Tillis. A Doorway on 18th Street in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

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Where You’r At

“Where You’re At” by Harvey Tillis. I was exploring new bicycle routes to and from the Logan Square Fresh Market one stunningly beautiful perfect Sunday morning. My street took me past a large empty lot. There might have been a factory on it for decades.

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57th Street Art Fair

57th Street Art Fair by Harvey Tillis. This art fair is a must for me. It’s the first one I make an effort to attend every year for at least the past 20 years.

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Armitage Building

Armitage Building by Harvey Tillis. This building has been a favorite of mine for years. I pass it often on bike rides through the city. Wanted to make it into an image that didn’t quite look like a photograph. Perhaps more like a sketch or etching, old and tinted.

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First Street Fair

First Street Fair by Harvey Tillis. A perfect clear night during Memorial Day weekend. Cool breeze. Squeals and laughter from kids in shorts and T-shirts enjoying being out among the lights, rides, and the promise of summer.

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City Living/Kinzie Street Bridge

City Living/Kinzie Street Bridge by Joy and Harvey Tillis. This image was captured by Joy Tillis. I applied a variety of adjustments and filters to achieve this final result. 

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Serenading Sam’s Wife

Serenading Sam’s Wife by Harvey Tillis. Sam hires musicians every Mother’s Day to play for his lovely wife, the mother of his children. Afterwards he takes them to play for his own mother.

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Small Town Pawn Shop

Small Town Pawn Shop by Harvey Tillis.  This is the lone building on a block off Main Street on the way out of a small town. Looked ominous. No activities nearby. No cars or sounds. Couldn’t see in. Should I explore?  Just say I’m looking around? Maybe next time I pass by. 

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Amigo Loan

Amigo Loan by Harvey Tillis. Amigo Loan by Harvey Tillis. The local pawn shop in a Mexican neighborhood. Open Sundays too.

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Clark Sommers At JAM 2017

Clark Sommers During Jazz Appreciation Month 2017.

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Lake Street Corner

Lake Street Corner by Harvey Tillis. The shadow that tracks cast on the street at this corner caught my eye. Making the image graphic and etching-like, eliminating all color came to me in processing. Tight cropping finished this idea.

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Spring Flowers In The City

Saturday Afternoon Spring Flowers In The City by Harvey Tillis. Found these flowers on State Street one sunny morning. This version looks like a painting.

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Four Portraits In April

April brought me to some music projects including portraits of these four special people.

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End Of A Night

End Of A Night by Harvey Tillis. Joe Segal opened the Jazz Showcase in the early 1940’s. I’ve been to several of the club’s locations . Like this one best.  There’s music every night and a matinee on Sunday. I like it late into the second set on weeknights. That’s when this glow comes over the scene. 

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Alone At Last

Alone At Last by Harvey Tillis. …My hunt around the ballroom began, looking, searching, when suddenly I remembered a lesson learned long ago while street shooting. “When you look too hard you miss too much.”…

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Entrance To Platform Here

Entrance To Platform Here by Harvey Tillis. The remains of these stairs implies to me a once busy route to the commuter train stop above. It’s just a memory now. The scene implied the past so my goal was to re-create that mood.  

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Alterations Men & Women

Alterations Men & Women by Harvey Tillis. Found a beautiful storefront walking through a new neighborhood. Photoshop filters and adjustments helped me explore and present the details. In the process the image took on a life of its own and revealed how it could look to me. That’s the beauty of creating art.

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Packed House

Packed House by Harvey Tillis. This scene is at Chicago’s Green Mill during the 1:00 AM Saturday night set. Music continues until 5. It just gets better and better.

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Portrait of Ryan Cohan

Portrait of Ryan Cohan by Harvey Tillis. It’s always a treat to hear Ryan Cohan, one of the most talented jazz musicians around. His work is always special whether playing, arranging or composing .

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Waiting With Tom

Waiting With Tom by Harvey Tillis. Waiting, with Tom Hanks and invited guests at a private event, for President Obama to arrive after his farewell address to the nation.

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Wojo At The Bike Shop

Wojo At The Bike Shop by Harvey Tillis. John Wojciechowski, known to his friends as Wojo, performing his original music at Chris Anderson’s Ancien Cycles & Cafe on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

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Outtakes by Harvey Tillis. These are scenes at an event I recently photographed. They were not part of my assignment so I show them as outtakes from my own files.

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No Place Like SPACE

No Place Like SPACE by Harvey Tillis. Lucinda Williams Performs at SPACE in Evanston, IL.

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Lucky Me!

Lucky me. Honorable Mention as an Editorial Photo Essay.

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Mr. & Mrs. Moss Play The Blues

Kate & Nick Moss play the blues at SPACE in Evanston, IL

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Mr. Clarke The Liberator

Stanley Clarke Performs at SPACE in Evanston, IL

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The Charlie Brown Christmas Gig

Quentin Coaxum Quintet Performs Vince Guaraldi’s Chas Brown Christmas at JRAC in Chicago.

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Exhibition Continues

Exhibition Continues by Harvey Tillis. My street shooter instinct kicked in as I walked through this exhibit. It’s just built into me. How else can I explain this image?

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Memory Chair

These chairs were commonplace when I was growing up. Now I see them more as antiques and decorating accents.

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Mr. Collier

Mr. Collier by Harvey Tillis. Isaiah Collier performing at the 2016 10th Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival in Chicago.

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Doodle 6 In Response to Ornette Coleman’s “Science Fiction”

Doodle 6 In Response to Ornette Coleman’s “Science Fiction” by Harvey Tillis. Created after hearing the music performed by the Bad Plus.

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Tito Plays Peruvian With Juan

Tito Plays Peruvian With Juan by Harvey Tillis. Peruvian jazz was featured at Constellation in Chicago. Chinchano is lead by Juan Pastor and includes Stu Mindeman, Patrick Mulcahy, Tito Carrillo, Rich Moore.

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Agenda by Harvey Tillis. When I saw this arrangement of dishes and glassware during a luncheon shoot I remembered working as an assistant years ago to prepare and perfect a similar table top photo. Sometimes random and spontaneous is just fine.

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Women Of The Blues Gallery Exhibit

Here are four images I was fortunate to have included in a wonderful exhibit that opened the week of Chicago’s Blues Fest; Ann Harris, Brittany Howard, Sharon Lewis, and Shemekia Copeland. Lynn Orman Weiss organized […]

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The JRAC Musicians & Artists Showcase

The JRAC Musicians & Artists Showcase by Harvey Tillis. Here is a portfolio slideshow of musicians and artists who have performed at JRAC, The Jazz Record Art Collective, over the past almost 3 years.

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Zebulun Barnow at the Uptown Underground

Zebulun Barnow At The Uptown Underground by Harvey Tillis. I first met Zeb when he performed with Big Time, the Tom Waits tribute band, and I quickly became one of his biggest fans. He is endlessly animated, creative and musically talented. Fun to be around too.

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