Mr. Collier

Isaiah Collier performing at the 2016 10th Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival in Chicago.

Program notes said: “A graduate of ChiArts High School and first year student at the Brubeck Institute in Stockton, CA, saxophonist Isaiah Collier has been turning heads in Chicago since his parents encouraged him to learn to read and play instruments fluently. Isaiah won the Kiewitt-Wang Award (2013) from the Jazz Institute of Chicago and has toured with Bobby Watson in Texas. He is a member of his family jazz band where he performs with his father, mother and two brothers. He has played with Joan Collaso, Charles Heath, Victor Goines, James Perkins, Bobby Broom, Ernie Adams, Robert Irving III, and Joshua Ramos in venues such as the Jazz Showcase, the Du Sable Museum, Jazz in the Courtyard, Room 43, Operation Push Convention, and Café Logan. Isaiah has played at the Jazz Showcase with the Thelonious Monk Institute National Performing Arts High School All-Star Jazz Quintet led by saxophonist Antonio Hart, receiving praise from Howard Reich as “the standout.”” Not bad for a man in his early 20’s.

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