Chance Of Snow

Chance Of Snow by Harvey Tillis.

“Chance Of Snow” A winter scene in Chicago. Sometimes it takes a while to tease out the look and feel of an image. Musicians might experience this when they see sheet music they want to play, but haven’t worked through it enough to make it sound the way they feel it should sound. Same is true with photos I create. That’s where Photoshop comes in. Tons of practice too. Even then I can return to an image I am totally satisfied with only to discover another nuance to work on, to bring out, to explore. That’s the story with this image. I captured it originally in March, 2013. Framed very carefully and exposed well, but mostly a flat result from the flat light of the day. Jump ahead almost 5 years to now. I remembered the image when I woke up that morning. Don’t know why. I knew what I wanted it to look like even before I pulled it out of my archives to work on. And here it is. Funny thing is that if I come back to it in another year I don’t doubt that I’ll see something – or feel something- new about it and make it another new version again. I like that.