Bridge Over The Fried Shrimp Shack

color photo of bridge on highway

A bridge on the Chicago Skyway that rises high above a favorite famous fish smoke house and fried shrimp shack.

This skyway winds through and above a sprawling industrial Chicago landscape. Shipping waterways and last century factories offer so many exciting photo vantage points for me. I especially love this bridge at the highest point on the road and the curves that lead to it from either direction. It also reminds me that a favorite old fish smoke house and shrimp shack is below. I stop there every time I am in this neighborhood for a pound of fried shrimp with hot sauce. Cash only, pick up and eat in your car, that wonderful smell lingering long after the last crunch is gone. I should write a letter to the department of transportation suggesting they put an exit at this bridge that leads to the shack. Maybe they like shrimp too.

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