Fisher Building, Chicago

The Fisher Building in Chicago's Loop District

The Fisher Building in Chicago’s Loop District

This building, with ornate details and solid footprint, has always been a favorite of mine. I stared at the details over this entrance for a very long time, finally deciding to include a piece of the old elevated train section which may have been constructed about the same time.  After exploring the image in Photoshop I decided to make it black and white and to create a grainy, graphic look. I’m pleased with the results.

The Fisher Building’s web site provides a look into history. “Completed in 1896 The Fisher Building was commissioned by paper industry magnate Lucius Fisher and designed by famed Chicago Architect Daniel Burnham.  It was the 2nd tallest building in Chicago at the time and is the oldest remaining 18 story building in Chicago…On March 16, 1976 The Fisher Building was deemed worthy of preservation by the federal government and added to the National Register of Historic Places…On June 7th, 1978 The Fisher Building was designated as a Chicago Landmark by the Chicago Architecture foundation…The Fisher Building and the Village Green Family (the developers) have won the National Customer Service Excellence award 5 years running with The Fisher Building specifically receiving  the Platinum A-List award.”