Linda’s Flower Shop

Linda's Flower Shop by Harvey Tillis

Linda had knee surgery yesterday. Some would approach it with the fear and concern of  open heart surgery, but she approached it like Debra. Debra has had the most major surgeries I’ve heard of yet she just plans as follows: I’ll be two weeks in the hospital, then recoup and PT for 5 weeks, so I’ll meet you in our favorite bar on this date for a drink to celebrate life. And when Debra walks in she looks like she owns the place. So that’s Debra. And that’s Linda. I was thinking about that attitude when I came across this shop. Ah, send flowers to Linda in a photo. How else would a photographer do it!?!? And here is my spin on a photo that really looks like a painting of a place I didn’t know existed before, but sure helped me out when I wanted to do something thoughtful and fun for a friend.