Peaceful Resting Place

Peaceful Resting Place by Harvey Tillis

Sun and green and quiet in a place of rest.

Once I visited after a heavy snow storm. I knew from landmarks where the family plots were, but couldn’t find them. It was getting dark and freezing cold. Traffic would be slow going home. I finally gave up, but not before yelling out – for no one to hear – “Hey Dad, I’m driving an Olds now.”

At first I had to go a few times a week. Couldn’t believe what had happened and that it was all over. Almost everyone is there. Time passed. Years passed. Now I visit when I’m in the neighborhood which isn’t often. Lost memories coming back. Good times and bad. It’s still important to me. 

About This Image: I captured this scene in a quiet, private place, taking care not to identify any sites. The image is processed in a way that results in a more etching-like effect rather than critically focusing for details in the tack sharp Ansel Adams way. Creating a mood, capturing a feeling with the play of light and dark areas were my goal. 

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