Fighting Violence From A Tent On The Roof

color photo of tent on roof of abandoned motel

Rev Corey Brooks’ rooftop home for 21 days to protest violence in this abandoned motel and the Woodlawn community.

Rev Corey Brooks has been living in a tent on the roof of an abandoned motel across the street from his New Beginnings Church to call attention to the violence, killings and prostitution in that building and in his Woodlawn community.

color photo of Rev Corey Brooks at press conference

Rev. Corey Brooks at press conference for ProjectHood

He will complete his 21 day stay in the tent this Saturday having attracted support from politicians and citizens  across the city and state. Over $250,000 has been raised in an effort to tear down the motel and replace it with a community center.

For more information about Rev Brooks and his efforts please visit .


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