The Pavaroti/Hadid/Picasso Guy

Robin Ford, by Harvey Tillis, performs at SPACE In Evanston, IL.

THAT Guy is THIS Guy!

I was trying to think of a way to describe my experience listening to Robben Ford. I hadn’t heard him before. Knew his name. Knew he had played with Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, and Miles Davis among others. Miles Davis! So he had to be good, very good, really good.

Intellectually I was ready for a fine night of music. Then he took the stage along with his bass player and drummer. 

It was apparent from the beginning that they had all played together a lot and that they enjoyed playing together. That vibe was strong.

Blues, jazz, folk, new songs and old. Each musician took long solos that couldn’t have gotten better, then did. So how can I sum the scene up? 

I tried to think of great artists, craftsmen, performers who were so far above any others that their names would instantly be recognized as top tier, best in class. That’s where Pavarotti, Hadid, and Picasso come from. And so…

You know how, when you go to concerts, you hear some excellent musicians. Then there are times when you hear a few who are noticeably better than all the other truly excellent musicians you listen to. Then, once in a great while, you hear someone much much better, significantly more masterful, more imaginative and brilliant than all the other excellent musicians. That’s this guy – Robben Ford.

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