Slideshow – 2019 Chicago Jazz Festival – Thursday

A slideshow with some of the great musicians at the 41st Annual Chicago Jazz Festival on Thursday, 8/29/19.

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Isaiah Collier at MCA for JIC

Isaiah Collier at the MCA for JIC During Jazz Festival Week

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Nicholas Tremulas at The Blue Nocturne

Nicholas Tremulus at The Blue Nocturne in Chicago, 8/25/19.

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Used To Be Used To Be

A used to be grand old home from more than a century ago on what used to be Grand Boulevard in Chicago.

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Two Doors To Doors

Entry to the elevated “L” platform to catch a Green Line rapid transit train at Ashland Avenue and Lake Street in Chicago.

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Choppers In The Sun

Choppers fast food restaurant at Ashland Ave and Wabansia in Chicago on a sunny day.

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Lexington Street Homes

Beautiful 100+ year old homes on Lexington Street in Chicago.

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Green Line Stop At Ashland

Waiting area on the elevated “L” platform to catch a Green Line rapid transit train at Ashland Avenue and Lake Street in Chicago.

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Bud Billikan Parade 2019

A scene at the Bud Billikan Parade 2019, “Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence”.

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Umbrellas Waiting

The full title of this image is, “Umbrellas On A Deck Late Friday Summer Afternoon Waiting For The Weekend To Begin.” This is a straight photograph. Available in Urban Landscapes at Prints For Sale.

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Revisiting The Nite Cap

The Nite Cap is a late night coffee house and bar.

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The Lookout

The Lookout is ornamentation I saw on an old elementary school while bicycle riding through a Humboldt Park neighborhood. 

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2019 Chicago Blues Festival Performers

Slideshow – Click on the photo above to view a few of the performers at the 2019 Chicago Blues Festival, the world’s largest free blues festival.

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Dressed For Summer

A huge crowd basked in the sun at a neighborhood art fair. I saw this woman relaxing in the sun while she listed to a rock band on stage. Just taking it all in on an easy summer Sunday.

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Front Porch Stage at Blues Fest

Summer is here for sure when the Blues Festival kicks into gear. Here is how things looked in the park along Michigan Avenue. Sounded great. Looked great. Only got better after that.

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Beginning And End Of A Bus Line

Many buses end and begin their routes at this Navy Pier location in Chicago. Crowds jump on and off, then ride north, west or south to all parts of the city.

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Music Series in the Gallery

Andrew Spear plays music from The Beatles’ Abbey Road album as Aaron Wooten paintings look on at Chris Anderson’s Jazz Record Art Collective in Chicago.

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Wires On A Cloudy Day

“Wires On A Cloudy Day” Sometimes the gift is right in front of you. Simple. Obvious. I think this is a gift.

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Linda’s Flower Shop

“Linda’s Flower Shop” Here is my spin on a photo made to look like a painting. This scene helped me out when I wanted to do something thoughtful and fun for a friend in the hospital

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Lake Street Corner

“Lake Street Corner” … the curving shadows that the elevated tracks made on the street… lead me to eliminate all color. When I did I discovered new possibilities about what to include and how to crop this image making it look like a lithograph or etching. 

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Integrating Industrial Design With Nature

“Integrating Industrial Design With Nature” I shoot what I see and when I see something that is beautiful to me I have to capture it, then explore why. Here are lines and colors that could easily be dismissed unless I isolated them and experimented with colors and textures to arrive at a pleasing result.

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Howard Street Underpass

“Howard Street Underpass” This is a color photograph of a section of Howard Street in Chicago at night. All the elements seemed to be positioned just right. Processing for details and color was my exploration.

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Grand To Howard Blur

This is the Grand Avenue Subway Stop for trains going north to Howard Street. I captured it while exploring the use of blurs in projects. 

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Evening Rush Hour Begins

“Evening Rush Hour Begins” Looking down from the 67th floor of Willis Tower in Chicago. The light was changing as evening’s rush hour began. I added special effects to achieve this different treatment to what looked too “normal” to me.

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Evening Dance – Winter

“Evening Dance – Winter” Traffic patters make some interesting designs. Here is one captured from the 27th floor of a downtown Chicago building in winter toward the end of an evening rush hour. Buses, taxis, and commuters going every which way. 

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Duks At Night

“Duks At Night” A special place to find greasy salted French fries, char-broiled hot dogs, chili, and a beverage late on a cold rainy night. Proof that man is not rational. Yum!

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Urban Sketch #37

“Urban Sketch #37” There are times when I just have to make an image. Right now, wherever that may be. I captured this scene with my smartphone while riding on a bus. Later I cropped it and experimented with a wide variety of filters and adjustments to finally achieve this result. Making a photograph look like a painting, sketch, or etching is fine with me. The end justifies the means…even when you don’t quite know where the end is.

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Crossing State and Adams

“Crossing State and Adams” The challenge here was to change the scene so that people could not be identified. In the process I tweaked colors and made the architecture look like it had been painted. Shadows were fun to play with too. I like how they help frame the image.

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Cozy Noodles & Rice, Evanston 2011

If ever there was a scene begging to be photographed it was this one. My mind saw a finished print before I even snapped the shutter. Had to be a toned black and white with wet pavement and warmth radiating from the noodle shop. 

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View Thru The Bus Stop Window

A good street photography exercise for me is to find, frame and shoot quickly as I explore the city. Here is an image found while the bus I was riding on stopped to pick up passengers.

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Chicago Fire Escape

As I waited in an old Chicago neighborhood on a warm sunny day for my client to arrive the buildings and doorways came alive with their stories of lives over the years. Here is a section of the kind of fire escape that once was seen everywhere. Now they are rare. I wondered if it has ever been used.

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Building Window With Chairs

This scene was screaming to me to be captured. More color, more detail, more lines. I had to force myself to stop.

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Cityscape #104275. Bitter Cold But Still A Beauty

“Cityscape #104275. Bitter Cold But Still A Beauty” was photographed from the 15th floor of a hospital campus building in downtown Chicago. A peak of Lake Michigan can be seen in the distance.

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Couple At The Clipper In Another World

“Couple At The Clipper In Another World” is a late night scene at the California Clipper in Chicago.

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Jorma At Delmark For Dave’s New Disc

Jorma Kaukonen at Delmark’s Riverside Studio in Chicago for Dave Specter’s new blues album.

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Chris Greene Releases New Album at SPACE

The Chris Greene Quartet, CGQ, performs their new album release, “Play SPACE” at SPACE in Evanston, IL.

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Dan Chase Plays, Amanda Wolff Sings

Dan Chase plays as Amanda Wolff sings Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady” at Chris Anderson’s Jazz Record Art Collective, JRAC, in Chicago.

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Muddy, Horns & The Clock

“Muddy, Horns & The Clock” From my town to yours…I am using the public mural designed by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, the holiday horns hanging over State Street from Macy’s, and the original Marshall Field & Co. clock to send out my Happy New Year wishes to all.

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Thanks JRAC-A Slideshow

Here is a slideshow that documents some of the 45 performances that Chicago’s Chris Anderson organized for his creation, the Jazz Record Art Collective – JRAC – during 2018. The guy never sleeps. Knows his […]

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Second Home

…on December 23, there will be a spotlight talk about the building. It brought back the memory of a montage I made of the Michigan Avenue entrance to that building in 2007. Here it is, full of life, a combination of the best of both old and new ideas. 

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Nighttime L Stop

Nighttime L Stop features an elevated rapid transit train, called an “L”, just leaving its regular stop on the way to the end of the line on the north side of Chicago.

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Behind The Country Farm Stand

It was almost Fall. Time for sweet corn and ripe tomatoes at this favorite farm stand. Add some potatoes, fresh garlic, a few cucumbers and zucchini, then rush home for the best salad of the season.

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Announcing A Gallery Exhibit Reception for 6 Tillis Images

The exhibit includes 6 Harvey Tillis photographs on display and for sale as large archival pigment prints of street photography in Chicago. They are “Broadway Detour”, “Family Outing”, “Blue Line Bus Stop”, “Sons Salute Dad at Blues Fest”, “Serenading Sam’s Wife” and “Superpawn Chicago”.

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Reminded Of Man Ray

Reminded Of Man Ray by Harvey Tillis

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I Shoot What I See

“I Shoot What I See” by Harvey Tillis depicts sections and angles of Millennium Park’s Pritzker Pavillion against nearby Chicago architecture. Available now in the SHOP

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Everything Old Is New Again

“Everything Old Is New Again” depicts the Michigan Avenue side of The Chicago Cultural Center, formerly the Chicago Public Library. This is a major center of activities including free concerts and art exhibits. 

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Lunchtime In A Chinatown Alley

Lines and shadows flashed at me as I crossed this alley. I walked past, then walked back. Shame on me for not stopping instantly, not making time to look, enjoy, and delight in this scene. Back at my computer I discovered an unexpected detail. A man sitting quietly in the shade on this brutally hot afternoon, on a break from work, eating lunch.

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Sons Pay Tribute To Dad At Blues Fest

Salute to legendary blues man Carey Bell by his son’s Lurrie and Steve with help from Dave Specter during the 2018 Chicago Blues Fest. The evening featured tributes to Delmark Records and its artists for 65 years of great jazz and blues music.

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Blue Line Bus Stop at Chicago, May, and Ogden

Blue Line Bus Stop at Chicago, May, and Ogden. Take steps down to the subway under this street to go to the airport. Catch a bus going west with the lady holding an umbrella. Transit runs all night long.

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7100 N. Sheridan Road

These are retail shops on the ground floor in an apartment building on a busy street in one of Chicago’s neighborhoods. I am always attracted to this kind of architecture and time of day. The image told me to make it black and white so I did.

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