Caroline Davis & Rob Clearfield at the Green Mill

color photo of Caroline Davis playing sax at Chicago's Green MillFrom time to time I like to post a favorite photo from an evening’s shooting at a jazz or blues club. 11/16/19 – Caroline Davis & Rob Clearfield performed their new album, “Persona” at a CD release party at Chicago’s Green Mill. Caroline Davis – sax, Rob Clearfield – piano, Sam Weber – bass, and Jay Sawyer – drums.

The Green Mill is sophisticated informality, warm glowing atmosphere steeped in the heady sounds of the early ’30s and ’40s; it was actually patterned after Clark Monroe’s Uptown House in Harlem (as it was during the ’40s). Uniquely comfortable to all audiences from the sequined Saturday night date to the progressively dressed offbeat student, the magic of the Mill is that the audience commingles in its mutual respect for the music.